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Capturing Life’s Great Moments

 started my interest in photography back in the days of film, and started my professional photography in 2013. I love photographing people, capturing expressions and memories! While I love the great outdoors of Wyoming and the natural beauty ans splendor of our state, I also enjoy studio settings. I adore babies which is what drove me towards maternity and newborn photography as a specialty. My husband and I also own a vinyl printing company that focuses on snowmobile wraps which keeps me busy all winter long. In my long history of careers I have also been a professional horse trainer, a biologist and was a licensed attorney. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


When should newborns be photographed?
I prefer to photograph newborns within the first 5-10 days after they are born. Sometimes that doesn't pan out and have successfully photographed older newborns who were born prematurely. However, after 10 days things get more difficult, especially with full term babies and I can't guarantee how well the shoot will go with older babies, but I'm always willing to try! 

What should I do to prepare?
When you book, you will receive a prep guide along with your welcome guide and questionnaire to help you prepare for your session. 


When should maternity pictures be done?
Ideally, maternity pictures should be captured between the 7th and 8th month, when mom's belly is big enough to see but not to the point where she is feeling so uncomfortable to move. I tend to fill up quickly in the summer (especially weekends which are limited to begin with) so if you are having a summer or fall baby, please contact me sooner rather than later!

Where should we take maternity pictures?
So far I haven't been asked for a studio maternity shoot, but I do get requests for and very much enjoy taking pictures indoors for lifestyle sessions and outdoors. There are a lot of great places in and around Laramie to have a beautiful backdrop. We will work together to find the perfect place!

What should I wear? What should I expect during the shoot?
What to wear is a personal choice, from a dress to jeans to a prop outfit to nothing at all. If you have any questions or requests about styling, I am more than happy to help you out. Also be sure to check out my Pinterest page for tons of great inspiration for what to wear! A maternity session is about an hour on average. If we are out side, plan on bringing a comfortable pair of shoes if we need to walk to where we are going and a blanket that you wouldn't mind being in pictures. I'm not only the photographer, but also the packhorse so if you have extra props you would like to bring a long let me know so that I can grab my extra bag to carry it all along and make sure it stays out of the shot!

Family Sessions

I absolutely love watching families grow up and I really love seeing the milestones! I prefer to to do family sessions outdoors where we can all spread out, but younger children often do better in studio. 

Family: Family sessions are tailored to match your family. Younger children often get bored quickly and irritated with the whole process so it's important to bring snacks along. The most difficult age is between 2 and 5, so I try to work quickly with children that age. Sometimes bribery works with well with younger children, which is something to keep in mind. 

Younger children, between the ages of 3 mo and 5 years tend to do better in studio. If only photographing the children, these session tend to go very fast as I try to get the maximum number of pictures before their attention span leaves without them! 

Cake Smash 
Cake smash sessions are tons of fun! If you are interested in a cake smash session please contact me about a month in advance. There is an additional fee for the session due to the disposable nature of the props used for cake smash sessions.. I do not provide the cake for these sessions but am working on a list of vendors which will make great cakes for these sessions. I encourage parents to take pictures with cell phones during these sessions, even though I'm snapping as fast as my camera will go. It's a great time! After the cake has been smashed, we'll clean up the area and get the suds bucket out and take a bath for even more fun.



Couples are so easy to work with, everything just comes so naturally! If you are looking for simple couples photography I'm more than happy to get you taken care of. If you are interested in engagement or wedding photography please see below.

If you are planning having a photographer for your wedding, but don't want to hire me for that, I recommend that you contact that photographer first, as many times the engagement session is included in your wedding package. 

If you do not plan on having a photographer at your wedding, you plan on hiring a photographer who doesn't include engagements and you would rather have me photograph them, the session will go just like any other session! Please schedule your session far enough in advance to make sure that you get the photos in time for announcements or other needs!


This is an area of photography that I don't do much of but very much enjoy! 

Seniors should schedule their session the summer before they start their senior year to ensure that their photos are yearbook ready. Seniors should make sure to contact me about a month before scheduling their session. 


I have worked with 2013's Miss USA Wyoming's contestant Callie Bishop who won the honor of most photogenic and 2016 Miss America Wyoming winner Mikaela Shaw. I love the glamour and have an excellent resource for current trends based on the pageant and will make sure your images are beautifully edited. 


For models looking to add to their portfolio I can provide you will a styled shoot. Since I do not primarily work with models, I do not trade services to add to my portfolio however.

Corporate Head Shots
Corporate head shots are offered as a mini session as not much time is required. Business attire is recommended as well as neutral colors. 

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